Hello Hilarity Good Bye Obesity

Being overweight is not a matter to laugh. But you would love to know that laughing can shed those extra pounds from your body. Anytime if something tickles your mind, don’t stop your laughter as it is going to do wonders to you. When we get overweight, we tend to lose our wittiness. We get depressed with our distorted shape. But let’s get humor out of this obesity & burn more calories than we actually do with rigorous exercises. Yes! No kidding.1 minutes of laugh uses approx. 1.4 calories. Just imagine how much you can reduce with humor.
It’s true that feeling happy is not easy when you are living with a plump & flabby shape. But studies have revealed this stunning secret that jolly people lose weight more easily than people who are stingy in laughing. And for a moment, even if laughing is not helping in weight loss, it adds charm your personality, make you pleasing & cheer you up. Feelings of being overweight make you depressed. However, there are many other things to create boredom & depression which further increases craving for food but laughter has shown drastic effect on such cravings.

Laughing helps you in weight loss. Don’t fix your mind with this thought. Stick to the idea that you are the liveliest person among all with an ever-fresh smile on your face. Keep the thought of weight loss in your subconscious.

Katie Namrevo has set a wonderful & live example by losing 35 pounds in four years just by a hearty laughter 10 minutes everyday. She left craving for food & felt energetic & fresh. Laughing not only helped lose her extra pounds but also freed her from unnecessary stress. Let’s see what science has to say about the effects of laughter.

Hearty laugh in routine increases the blood flow by dilating stress-constricted vessels. Your pulse and respiration increase, oxygenating the blood.
Uproarious laugh acts as a belly exercise or a kind of internal jogging.
Laughing is associated with a great deal of physical exercise & muscular behavior as 15 facial muscles & several of others all over your body flex and relax.
Moreover, laughing works like a tummy tuck for weight loss. More we laugh, more our belly exercises.
Free laughing for 100 to 200 times everyday is the cardiovascular counterpart of rowing for 10 minutes.
Don’t look for snickers to laugh at. Take your life and things easy to feel yourself cool & relaxed. Laughter gives you an amazing energy & vigor. It not only refreshes your mind but keeps your body healthy too. Now what to wait for? Laugh & make others laugh. It is contagious & will make the aura lively for sure. Get involved with laughter therapy & it will gift you a fresh & stress free mind with a wonderful shape.

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